Managing School Estates

What is NASPM?

Our mission is to provide your school and premises staff with assurance in complete school health safety and estates management.


To provide premises leadership, collaboration and training for members, to ensure excellence in school premises management, ultimately ensuring that you are keeping the school safe for all users.


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  • Striving for professional premises staff development.
  • Promoting a community of premises staff who are able to work collaboratively.
  • Working in partnership with our members to ensure we provide a service that supports all elements of school premises management.
  • Striving for and promoting statutory compliance.

The National Alliance of School Premises Managers has been set up by a team of Chartered Members of IOSH with one key objective – to improve the health and safety management of school/educational establishment’s estates.

The National Alliance of School Premises Managers is here to support your premises staff to effectively manage your school estate in a safe way.
Stuart Mcgregor National Association of School Premises Managers Training for school keepers

Our expertise

Stuart Mcgregor is the force behind this new idea and identified a lack of support for premises staff managing school estates nationally.

He has over 20 years’ experience managing schools’ health and safety, including a background in premises and facilities management. Stuart has worked within Local Authorities across London, specialising in statutory compliance.

He is highly qualified in his field and is a lead auditor who has developed school health and safety management systems, training programmes and is a mentor and expert witness. Stuart has a team of specialists supporting NASPM along with approved partners that includes premises staff from nursery, primary, secondary, Special, Sixth Form, University, College and all through schools.


Our aims are:

Leadership Development – To provide unique opportunities that enhance the leadership skills of school premises managers.

To assist in the premises health and safety management systems for schools as a whole. NASPM has been created to provide specific health and safety guidance in relation to school premises. Our alliance will provide your school with guidance to assist in the management of this key area.

To offer a one stop shop of all school estates related information.
Such as:

  • the latest guidance
  • template documents
  • risk assessments
  • statutory compliance documents

All held within the resources section of our member’s area.

Membership engagement – to develop our national alliance with members to ensure it supports schools in all aspects of premises management.

To provide a structured training programme that enables school premises staff to have easy access to all of our live interactive zoom training that also fits in around the school working day. This training includes a variety of training based on levels of competence and experiences such as new premises staff and very experienced premises staff.

Professional Learning and Development. We will provide monthly training and development opportunities for members to enhance the skills and ongoing development of premises staff.

Regulation and Compliance – We aim to be the leading provider of guidance and information to assist the school premises staff in order to ensure building statutory compliance.

To promote the health and safety standards needed to manage school premises and estates, including guidance, updated legislation through to regular newsletters and the option to join our premium package and obtain email support on specific issues.

Who we represent

NASPM represents anyone that works within a school who has responsibility for the school premises. Our service is aligned with the Department for Education’s, Good Estates Management (GEMs) guidance. In turn this will provide your premises team, Senior Leadership Team, Governors and Parents with reassurance that your estate is being managed well.

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